About Me

I learned to knit, sew, and embroider from a young age, at my mothers’ knee.
When I was raising my own family, I taught myself to spin wool into yarn, dye it with roots, bugs, and leaves, and to weave.
I quickly learned my favoured style of weaving was weft faced, where the weft yarns covers the warp, where the design and colours take precedence.
Coming from a rural background, I began weaving saddle blankets, but rugs and tapestries are also part of my creative life. In tapestries my stories become pictorial, recording anything from my favourite socks, to the place names on my family cattle station.
I love the ‘slow’ of my work. Beginning with a raw fleece, I wash, card, spin and dye the yarn I need for the next project. The weaving is the reward, the final part of this journey, producing a unique item to send out into the world.